What's stuck in your head?

We all get songs stuck in our heads. We all get attached to a new song that just came out (then hate it forever just like a food item eaten too many times because WE LOVED IT SO MUCH). So here I am with a great song in my head. I really like it. I am in the middle of the binge. It’s on repeat in my car. The lyrics and music are in my head when I am not in the car listening to it.

So then I ponder…

What is it about THIS song that I like so much? The lyrics are sad, stupid and hurtful (to whomever it was intended for). How does a songwriter get us hooked with the music and back up alone? How do they create such a masterpiece of all kinds of instruments then add the lyrics and the feeling is the same? The song could be about Jesus or homeless people and I would still like it. It’s just amazing to me. (Remember Shaggy’s song about getting caught… What the?... It was the music that got us hooked, not those HORRIBLE lyrics!)

The particular song I am stuck on right now is Beyonce’s Irreplaceable. I can’t get enough of it. And I am sure I won’t get tired of it. I remember when I found Craig David’s Rise and Fall (arranged with Sting). I still love this song. There are many others that belong on Gina’s Faves homemade CD.

Back to Beyonce… I’ve been a big fan of her since she put out her first CD with Destiny’s Child. She is a great artist in my opinion. That voice is awesome. Of course some of her recent rhyming action has got me baffled. In Irreplaceable she rhymes “minute” with “minute”… Wow, sheer genius! I mean, I could write lyrics if that is all it took! But yet, she gets away with it because her remaining talents overpower the, “…I could have another you in a minute, matter fact, he’ll be here in a minute…” bit.

Which brings me to another point. Because she is Beyonce, because Justin Timberlake is Justin, and because Madonna is Madonna… they could create any kind of disaster and get it on the radio! Anything! And those new names just starting out, they have to work SO HARD to get 1 of their 20 high quality songs on the radio and still it may just be a one time thing. It’s sad really… the quality isn’t measured. It’s the name that wins. The one that has lyrics such as “uh, uh” and inappropriate mentions (or full painted pictures) of the horizontal mambo win the game.

I remember when Josh Groban first made it big. Granted he was using other people’s songs to debut his voice, but who cares, right? Leann Rymes did it! I was just amazed they put a classic singer on the radio. One that delivered a beautiful message! It was like a dawning of a new era when I heard him the first time. But that only lasted for so long… it’s been awhile since I’ve heard him on any pop stations, just the classic easy listening ones when I am lucky.

Mmmm... to the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left...


Anonymous said...

You are SO right. New artists have to work much harder. Some of the stuff that comes out today AMAZES me. There was this one..I have NO clue who the artist is..but part of the lyrics were "I like when you do that right THAR, right THAR"...then went on about something about hair..except said it HAR..to rhyme w/ THAR. This was a rap song...obviously. I would hear it & start laughing. I mean...are you KIDDING me?! People BUY this crap? LOL I will say...I am with you on Beyonce. I really like her...and love the Irreplaceable song. I'm right along w/ you singing it all the way. =)

Nicole said...

That is so funny because as I was reading and you were asking about songs that get stuck in our heads, my first thought was Irreplacable. I LOVE that song. But your right it's probably not the lyrics as much as it is the beat. I guess we just get sucked in to good beats, huh?

The Wooden Porch said...

Kidd Rock and what's her name's song, oh geez, I can't even think of it because my daughter's cd is playing, "I'm in the Lord's Army" and I can't overwrite that tune, but Kidd's song has NOTHING to do with Jesus. The song where she sings "I put your picture away. I can't look at you while I'm laying next to him".

Ok, can't think of the name.

I also like "Today" by whatshisname. (I see a trend here.)

My daughter and husband are both talking to me which is not helping, though I keep hoping that by typing and not looking their way they will stop.

They are not.


and I have no idea how to spell his last name, (can you tell?)

Write me off as a nut. A nut who is writing a book in Gina's comment section.

Suzanne said...

I don't have a song stuck in my head at this particular moment, but it does happen to me a lot. The worst is that it's in my head at the worst times like when I'm in church or trying to read my scriptures.

I love listening to Josh Groban too! Such a beautiful voice. ***sigh***

Stephanie said...

Feliz Navidad.

And that is all I am saying.

Tori :) said...

I had a song from a Spongebob episode stuck in my head yesterday. THAT is SOOOO annoying! (And a little embarrassing.)
Love the new blog!

Kik said...

Gina, I LOVE "Irreplacable" and I am always singing that line, "to the left, to the left...". I have really surprised myself at how much I really like her music lately. I have never not liked her, but lately I really like her a lot more than I thought I ever would. I think she is gorgeous too, and she seems like she'd be a nice person.

Speaking of Beyonce, please, for the love, DO NOT go see "Dream Girls". I went last night with my friend/coworker and we both thought it would be so much better. Well...actually...I didn't really have any thoughts either way about it, but since she really wanted to see it, I was game. And it was good for the first part, until they busted out in song to each other...like a modern day musical. I mean, I like a good musical, but we're talking old school musicals. I don't like movies that are made in this century where people sing their feelings and thoughts to each other (with the exception of animated movies of course).

Lei said...

Lol at rhyming minute with minute. L.O.L.

I qiestion a lot of the music that is out there making money. I really, really do!