Photography Brain

I saw this video on another blog and had to post it. This is basically what happened (minus the fire and plus some major back-talk and crying) back when Sierra was visiting and we tried to get photos of the cousins together at Kiddie Kandids.

Anyway, I've pooled $600 bucks together to put towards an SLR camera and a lens. I have found some amazing deals locally for used equipment. I am very much on board, but with the body of the 40D and the lens I want, I am over budget even with used equipment. Such a bummer since Ian even gave me some of his Christmas money to make this happen. I just don't want to start with a Rebel. I want a higher grade because I know I won't be able to afford to upgrade later on in the year when I want a more professional grade camera to learn on. Ramble ramble, groan groan. I just want to make the right choice because my first camera just may be my last camera... if no income results after talents get fine tuned. You hopefully know what I am saying.

Confused, frustrated, anxious to get started.


Anissa said...

Give it a bit more time. Something will happen that will provide a way for you to get what you want. Prayers will be answered!

Laura said...

LOL. Classic!

Alice Wills Gold said...

And you want to be a photographer huh? What are you a glutten for punishment?

follow your dreams..all the way!

RC - Rambling Along said...

My friend, a professional photographer, did start with a Rebel and used it for many years (at least four), while she fine-tuned her skills, went to seminars, etc... She just upgraded within the last year. (You've seen her pictures - she does gorgeous work.)

That being said, I think she is now using a Nikon.