A New Beginning

So my last interview that was scheduled for Wednesday morning went really well. I walked out hoping for the best, but unsure of what the next step might be if they were still interested. I took an assessment test online that night as I was asked. The next day, Thursday, I got home from Women's Conference with my mom and there were no emails. No phone messages either. So I thought I'd send an email to this company and mention I took the test and to let me know if they needed anything else.

Five minutes later I got a call. It was the HR person asking if I had gotten her email. I said I hadn't checked since I sent one to her a few minutes earlier. She had sent me a message saying they wanted to make me an offer, but that we should talk first. The company had concerns about my previous company hiring me back in a few months if things turned up for them. I told her that I would not choose my previous company over them if that happened. She also wanted to ensure I didn't have any other serious interviewing going on and risk me getting a better offer a week after they hired me. I reassured her that wouldn't be the case. She said I'd have another email in five minutes.

I got butterflies opening that email. I should have just eaten my dinner first and waited for Ian to get home before I checked it out. I was too anxious. I opened it up and found the number I was looking for. I about cried from pure gratitude to Heavenly Father and to this company! I was glad my mom was here to hug and celebrate with! I called Ian and about put him in tears too! He said he was really proud of me. We are both so so so grateful for this opportunity!

The company asked for me to confirm acceptance by sending a signed agreement via fax. I got all my paperwork together and the fax cover sheet ready to go for the next morning. Since I was going to be attending BYU Women's Conference the next day, my mission was to find a fax machine on campus somewhere between our classes.

After a couple classes, we found ourselves in a building with many offices and information desks. I was able to get a gal to help me send a fax for a small fee. The confirmation printed out and I was on my way to my next class. I just hoped that it actually went through, since I didn't have time to call and confirm with HR that they had actually received it.

After the last session of the day, I got a phone call from HR saying, "Welcome to the team, your start date will be May 11th!"

Elated joy and gratefulness is all I've felt since!

P.S. My dad was so happy for me and proud of me with the good news, he told my mom to buy me a new outfit for my new job while she's here. He is so sweet!


Alice Wills Gold said...

Yeah...congrats...I am so happy for you.

And I am so happy that you are excited about going back to work.

The thought of working makes me cringe....I hate going to work...I just want to sit home and clean and cook all day...oh, and blog.

I hope the excitement never wears off.

RCRambling said...

I'm so happy for you! (And my wonderful family, who knows I've been praying for you, sends their congratulations as well!)

Yay for dad and mom springing for a new outfit, too!

Anissa said...

That's great your start date will be the 11th. PERFECT. You so deserve this Gina. Congratulations again.

D said...

The 11th is our (Matt and I) anniversary- so that's definitely a good omen since obviously it started off such a wonderful marriage. :)

I am so excited for you! I hope that this job makes all your dreams come true!

Em said...

Yeah!!! I am so happy for you. Heavenly Father really does bless in the time of need. Good Luck!!! You will do Great!

Robin said...

Congratulations! I have been anxious to hear the news! I am so happy and hope that you love it!

The NON-Superwoman said...

Congrats :-) Awesome news.

Aly said...

Congratulations! I'm thrilled to hear the news, but not at all surprised. Having worked with you, I have such admiration for your talents. Your new employer is lucky to have you.

K said...

Wahoooo! Congratulations, Gina! I'm so happy for you!

Yvonne said...

Gina, that is wonderful. I'm so excited for you. I'm so glad your mom was there to share in the excitement.
Also, what a sweet dad.