Womens Conference Report

I am really glad my mom made the decision a few months ago to just book a plane ticket and plan on attending BYU Womens Conference with me this year. I wonder if I would have actually gone if she didn't make the trip. Probably not since I lost my job and didn't have a babysitter hired full time. But since she was coming, I did end up finding a couple wonderful people to tend Liam so I could go.

I had tried to see if anyone else I knew was attending this year. I didn't get any bites on Facebook and the few local friends that I called. Well I take that back. I reconnected with a dear and wonderful friend, Sheila, on Facebook through her daughters (that I babysat when I was 12 and 13). She was totally game to meet up with me and my mom after more than 15 years apart. It was a great reunion! Like no time had passed. She was the same bubbly wonderfully darling woman she was when she was my Young Women leader and babysitting employer. She lives in Utah now, so I look forward to more meet ups with her.

Mom, Sheila and Me

The conference was so uplifting and refreshing. I felt guilty leaving Liam in someone else's care while I enjoyed this spiritual indulgence, but I tried my best to not let it eat at me. I was bettering myself by doing this... creating a better mother for him. Much like the new job I've been offered, I feel like this was another morsel cleaned off my plate of life... to help me start over.

I have written down many notes from the inspired speakers at the conference. I'll be drafting those up for you very soon. I hope you can feel a fraction of the spirit I felt when you review my findings.


RCRambling said...

You have your mom's smile. :-)

Suzanne said...

You got the job!?! :D Gina, I'm so happy for you!!! And I'm glad you enjoyed your Women's Conference. You're right, it will make you an even better Mom. Plus, we all need a little break once in awhile.

Thanks for sharing your great news!

Yvonne said...

As it turns out, I could have almost made it to Women's Conference. (Left the Tuesday before and came back the Tuesday after ; (

Can't wait to read your notes.

Congrats on the new job.