Dear Friends,

That phone call yesterday... well I apparently passed! Another contact at the company called me today and was very enthusiastic to meet me on Monday at 2pm for a real job interview! I've replayed yesterday's events in my mind since they happened. I doubted myself. I let the fact that my personal life might have been exposed to a job prospect... well I let it eat at me more than I should have. I am so glad it turned out for the best. I'll for sure give an update after my meeting on Monday.

Oh and I wanted to mention that Liam didn't "shump" off his dresser in yesterday's incidence. No, he tried a new tactic for injury. He cleared out the second from the bottom drawer and was climbing into it when the dresser fell on him. Honestly, his brand new dresser shows more damage than he does. Lucky kid, unlucky dresser.

That is all.

Good night!


RCRambling said...

Yay on the follow-up interview!

The dresser incident is why we are working on attaching all large pieces of furniture to the walls in Little Dude's room. We, too, have a climber.

:-) Glad he is okay!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Good luck with that interview tomorrow.

Suzanne said...

Gina, I hope your interview went well. Let us know as soon as you hear something!!! :)