Let me tell you about my day

So the day started early. I got out of bed at 7ish so I could shower and be ready for a little visitor at 7:45. She showed up close to 8am and the madness began. Yes, two maniacal toddlers running a muck the whole day. I entertained them to their hearts content for the most part. I let them make messes and then got minimal help from them to clean up and go on to the next activity. The day was a normal day for a mom with two crazy kids. I am just not a normal mom.

Tending two kids on a regular basis... for me... let alone one kid... It's been an adjustment (with one) the past two weeks.

So the day started coming to a close. The clock, amazingly enough, said 4pm. I was feeling relieved that my hubby would soon be home and that our little friend would be on her way. I should have seen ahead that the principal of if-anything-bad-will-happen-it-will-happen-at-the-worst/last minute-possible.

The kids were playing cars in the other room and I was poking at food on the stove. The phone rang. It wasn't a telemarketer or anyone I recognized. It was a job reply for sure. I took the risk and answered as I stepped out onto the front porch. It was indeed a reply to a job application. One I had applied for just this morning. One that I was potentially the perfect fit. {Heavenly Father please keep the kids inside/safe while I take this call.}

So, the HR lady asked me if I could talk for a few minutes. I warned her that there might be some background noise, but yes, please go on. (Would it have been wise to say good-bye to a job prospect and reschedule? My brain voted no.)

So she set into asking me lots of questions. A pre-interview, if you will. I think I did well to answer them all "correctly" and only said "no I didn't do that on a regular basis" twice. I am hitting myself that I didn't mention I am a good student and can learn to book corporate travel and coordinate trade shows very quickly and easily.

Anyway, as she was asking me the last couple questions, Liam comes outside whining about his underwear. Yikes. I shooshed him and helped him in tandem of listening/responding to my inquirer on the phone. Our little friend was not far behind pantsless and asking for help too. Ugh.

So I was able to close the phone call after agreeing to email another copy of my resume to a direct contact. I got inside the house and realized both kids had wet their pants... I didn't realize this while on the phone. I got them both changed and on their way to destroy the house so I could run to get that email out.

I was drafting the email, adding references to my resume and such. I hear a huge boom. A scary boom. My body lifted from my chair, my brain knowing not to wait for a cry. I booked it upstairs to see my child trapped underneath his dresser. He was only in the panic crying stage and there was no proof of real injury. I scooped him up with reprimands for using his dresser as a toy (a discussion we've had a few times). I took him downstairs to access him as I pushed send on my email.

He'll for sure have a bruise on his knee and calf tomorrow.

He was disagreeable half the day and didn't let up after his friend left. (Daddy had to work really late so there was no tag-teaming-it tonight.) He did eat a good dinner, but quickly found a way to get his mom reprimanding once again. He was forced to bathe and then start the bed time ritual. I called my visiting teaching partner and said it wasn't going to happen. Toting my beast along was a bad idea... and past his bedtime... even worse. So I shouldered the guilt of making my partner prepare a lesson at the last minute and go it alone. Then I told myself, "Family first, Gina. This kid has had enough."

Prayers, songs, mutual apology devotional and all was well. I went to my room to put my knees to use again then went back to give my boy another kiss... he was in dreamland.

Tomorrow is another day of trying.


K said...

I've always found that no child needs his momma more than when she's on an important phone call. Glad Liam's okay, and I hope that phone call morphs into the Perfect Job. Love Ya!

RCRambling said...

I hope this job leads turns into something more, and all we can ever do is try our best, every day.

Anissa said...

Your friend's comment is so true. When you need a minute to yourself, whatever the occasion, that is when madness ensues. I guess you just learn to roll with it after a time. But I still struggle.
I think you got a glimpse into my day with 2 year old twins :) Although you are much more patient with Liam. I need to do more resolution and apologies on my behalf. Thanks for being an example!

Heidi said...

Gina, thanks for recording this moment in the day of your life because it is this exact moment that you will cherish and laugh about later! If only we could see the humor in our everyday lives when we are right in the middle of it. Of course the both of them are going to wet their pants on the most important call of the day it wouldn't happen any other way.

Just remember this, you made it through the call and the lady on the other side had no idea what was happening right before your eyes. Now that is an amazing mom!!

Yvonne said...

You are incredible--juggling is not easy to do and yet, YOU DID IT.

Hope the job interview turns into something that is wonderful. If not, something great will come along.