So the bunny situation hasn't improved. The day I posted about the problem, I decided sending him out to the chicken coop was the best idea. I had forgotten that it was broken, so Ian fixed that this weekend and we'll probably put him out tonight. Can you blame the procrastination when I am scared it's going to lunge, growl and bite me?

In other news I got 6 hours to play with fun friends on Saturday. It was Kate's bridal shower! I carpooled with Emily and Lindsay to pick up the balloons and then head over to the venue in SLC. We were laughing so much with poor Emily in the backseat of Lindsay's Fit. Yeah, you can fit 30 balloons in a Fit. See.

So while we drove to the shower, we laughed at Emily's distant voice in the backseat smothered by balloons. Oh yeah, and we picked out this awesome tiara for Kate at the balloon place! It says "bride to be" on it and it has a veil. How precious is she posing with her Godiva chocolate?

Kate's shower was a great time. I loved spending time with her, her relatives and lots of her fun friends! We ate yummy food, made cards, chatted and enjoyed watching Kate open all her presents!

After a bit of helium sucking, the bridesmaids went with Kate to Paradise Bakery. It was divine!

Kate gave us the run down on the wedding weekend events while we ate and what our assignments are going to be. It was nice to have everyone together and I can't wait until the wedding weekend!

Here is me, Emily, Lindsay and Kate goofing it up in front of the bakery. I got my self-timer on my camera working and we took a few great shots! This is my fave because, well, Kate knows what attribute I like in this one.

Thanks for the great girls day! I had a blast with you all!