Better than Napoleon Dynomite (as if that's hard)

About a month ago, Ian brought home Hot Rod from Hollywood Video. I had been wanting to see it just because the hilarious Andy Samberg has the lead role. We are SNL lovers to the max! Andy really cracks us up, among a few other newer cast members. That said, we don't mind the crude humor that SNL cast members have to offer.

I am hoping Emily is reading this because if she hasn't seen Hot Rod yet, she is going to wish she had after watching this. (Those of you with kids, watch this selection after they go to bed.)

And here's a clip from the movie that had us rolling! Cool Beans!


D said...

We watched Hot Rod recently too. It reminded me of a movie a bunch of high school students would put together. It was sooooo random! It did have it's moments that we thoroughly enjoyed (since I do enjoy randomness and high school humor) but I would have to say that Napoleon Dynamite is the better crafted movie.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Ian felt like he wasted two hours of his life when we finished NP a couple years ago. I, however, was laughing quite a bit at how mundane and nerdy it was. Hot Rod was just a more entertaining flick in my opinion.

Kari said...

LOL, I love that you posted this! Adam and I watched it about a month or two ago and we laughed so much! It was completely random, but I was so glad we rented it because I thought it was hilarious!

Alice Wills Gold said...

This looks like my hubby's kind of humor...thanks for the clips, we will have to look into it.

Napoleon Dynamite was funny people. Gina, tell your hubby to watch Napoleon a few more times. It took me 3 times to "get it" :)