The Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend... well, at least I did.

Friday night we went to see our former neighbors (that left us a year ago for a newer and bigger home a couple towns away). We had a great time chatting with them and Liam had fun playing with their boys.

Saturday Ian went to work for a bit while Liam and I hung out at the house. When Ian got back, Liam and I ran to PERC to return his toys from that week. I got him 6 more puzzles for him to master this week. Oh that boy loves puzzles! I can see him becoming an engineer someday, how his mind memorizes shapes and fits things together.

We got Liam down for a nap after we ate some lunch. That was my cue to steal Ian's commuter car and take the rest of the day for myself. I headed to SLC to see my glamorous friend Kate and her lovely sister, Laren, who just got off her mission in Bulgaria. I've been looking forward to this "date" for a couple weeks and was so excited it was finally happening. I needed a break, and even though I missed my boys, it was SO nice to be with girls for an afternoon.

Kate showed me around her DARLING apartment and asked my opinion on a couple things. She is pondering painting her bedroom and I suggested maybe wallpaper would tie in all the color she is leaning towards. To my surprise, she didn't immediately say no... she's considering it!

We three hung out and talked for a bit, then decided to run a couple errands and eat an early dinner. We got some deals at Mervyns and Pei Wei was so yummy! (I could eat spicy chicken and edamame all day, every day.) It was so nice to enjoy running around town and eating dinner without a tiny tot. I also enjoyed the uninterrupted conversations... and randomness and laughter that three grown women provide for each other. It was just blissful.

That evening, Laren and I were able to attend the West Jordan Temple for a session at 7:30. Spending that extra time with a freshly return missionary was so awesome. It was just the icing on top of a cake-filled week of inspiration. She is so encouraging and positive. I thoroughly enjoyed being with her and I hope I can do it more often now that she is in Utah.

Thanks Kate for making sure the day was wonderful for me. You are always so accommodating. I was so filled with joy, that the no-heat commuter car didn't even chill me on the way home that night.

Thanks, also, to Ian for keeping Liam so I could get away. It meant so much to me!


D said...

Yay for a girl day! I am so glad you got an afternoon and evening for yourself! Those days are so needed- especially during the winter. Love you!

Anissa said...

Ahhh... those sweet girl days. Aren't they pure heaven? I'm so glad you got away and had such a perfect day. You deserved it! Until the next one...

Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh, that sounds heavenly, I wish I could have joined you all.

I am happy that you got a much deserved break.

Terry said...

I am glad you had a nice break with the girls. I love grown up girl time!

Tori :) said...

What a great day!! I'm glad you got some YOU time!! I ate at Pei Wei on this past week too!

Kate the Great said...

It was such an incredible day - so fun and wonderful... thank you!!


PS - I love the wallpaper idea, silly. I can hardly wait to see what your incredible taste comes up with!