Fall Clean Up

I am so thankful for a clean backyard. I am even more thankful that I didn't clean it.

Our backyard is rarely tended to and this year was the worst! We didn't plant a garden, so the whole garden plot was covered in weeds and they are Utah weeds... the super tall prickly tree looking weeds! Yeah, and not to mention the literal sea of leaves. Our two trees back there have been shedding for a couple months now and we didn't get back there until a few days ago to find it was a foot deep in places.

We got a flyer on our door about a month ago from a youth center here in our neighborhood. It's a place for troubled teens (they get shipped here from all over the nation apparently). The administrators were looking for service projects for them to do.

I called the number and let them know about my crazy messy backyard over a week ago.

This morning the center called at 10am and asked if they could come over in the next 20 minutes! I was so excited!

There were about 15 boys that came with 3 leaders. They cleaned out my whole nasty backyard in 40 minutes! They brought their own rakes, shovels and even garbage bags! I asked them to put all the weeds in our trailer so Ian could take it all to the green waste and I asked them to fit what leaves they could in the green trash bin. All the remaining leaves they put in bags they had brought. I am so impressed with their work! I asked their leader if I could bring them a treat this weekend and he let me know where to go if I wanted to deliver something for those specific guys that did all the work.

Happy Thanksgiving to us! We have a clean yard ready for the snow! I am so pleased!


D said...

That is awesome!!!!!NO other words for it. It is just beautiful!

Yvonne said...

That is so great.

A Little Revolution said...

Thank you for confirming why we have a treeless yard!

utmommy said...

How fabulous!

I hate doing yard work. I spent 5 hours raking leaves the other day, and I didn't even finish the whole yard. I need to call that place!

shay said...

That's amazing! Do you think they'd come to Canada?
I hate yard word and I'm terrible at it!
Glad to hear you got yours taken care of! Happy Thanksgiving:)

Terry said...


Tori :) said...

SAH- Weet! That's awesome!!

Poopydigs said...

Can they come to California.

100 Maple Drive


Suzanne said...

How fantastic! Hey, can you send them my way??? I think I have a project or two they could tackle... :D