Another meme

I've had a couple friends of mine tag me with a random things meme. Shannon was my roommate in college and Deborah has been my friend since we were in first grade! It's so cool that they blog and I can keep up with them all the way from Illinois and Virginia!

Shannon had a list of 7 things that people may not know about you and Deborah had a list of 6 dirty little secrets. I'll just mix the two and come up with 7 total.

1. I have really healthy teeth. I had one cavity in a baby tooth and lost that tooth shortly after a filling was put in. Otherwise, I've never had any problems. The dental folks think I floss. Nope, I get a good flossing every six months in the dentist chair. I have only one good dental habit and that is brushing alone. Every six months I get a short session of praise... they go on and on about how wonderful my teeth are. I think it's funny because I have yellow teeth, a nice big overbite and never had braces, etc... but they see something different, I guess. Thank you Mom and Dad for taking me to the dentist every 6 months and for living in a state that had fluoride in the water. I pity Liam... he just might have problems since we live in Utah.

2. I've mentioned this before, but I hate being wet. If Liam sneezes on me, I get a little bent out of shape about it. Same with doing dishes and accidentally splashing myself. You can guess the combination of things that bug me when it comes to moisture.

3. I hate crumbs or other dander grabbing onto my bare feet or even my socked feet. Prior to using my Dyson on a daily basis, I would sweep my kitchen like a crazy person. I don't like feeling how dirty my floors are... just bugs me.

4. I check my email all day long at work. I am always refreshing my email... when I hear email come in while doing something else, I stop everything to go check it... even when it's junk or a boring company wide announcement.

5. I don't do anything in an organized manner. If I do, it is usually by accident or I was given detailed instructions to do it in a certain order. I hate how distracted I am and want to change but I don't know how. Actually, it would drive me crazy if I had strict schedules for cleaning my house, organizing my coupons and what day I go grocery shopping. I like doing things when I feel like doing things. So maybe I don't want to change... can we say flighty?

6. I used to be habitual about anyone and everyone's birthdays. I would never forget my friends' special days. I was still pretty good at it after I got married, but since I've had Liam I've gotten so bad. It bugs me to death when I realize I've missed someone's day. I did it to my best friend this year... thank goodness she loves me so much and forgave me. --I think about my friends constantly, so when I am out or online shopping, I'll wish I could buy whatever item reminds me of them. If I was a millionaire, my friends would get very expensive and personal gifts, on schedule, each and every year. Because if it isn't early or on time, it just doesn't count. Everyone should feel like a star on the exact day they were born!

7. This last thing is so weird. I just realized it about myself the past two years. (I already told Tori about this on her "weirdness" post.) Each time I get up in the night, I have to lay down and fall back asleep in the opposite position I awoke. It's like my body has to balance itself. I have tried laying down in the same position I was last in... I might has well have tried to fall asleep standing up... it just won't work. I still can't get over how odd that is.

I am not going to tag anyone. I know that is against the rules, but we've all done these so many times, it's hard to come up with more quirky stuff. Feel free to do a similar list. Happy Un-Birthday, Everyone!


Tori :) said...

The wet thing makes me laugh. I love sweating and stuff when I'm exercising, but I don't like to get splashed at the pool.
I used to be so on top of birthdays too. Life has just gotten so busy!! :(

utmommy said...

I do the same thing about sleeping. I can never fall asleep in the same position, even if I know I was soo comfortable before.

Terry said...

You really are a great friend. I think it shows you have great character and a caring personality that you make an effort to show such interest in your friends. I love're the best.

Congratulations on your healthy teeth. I work hard to keep mine healthy...I brush three times a day, floss at night, and Listerine twice a day. fluoride in the water does help. When I went to the dentist in Lehi, he said, "You grew up in the East didn't you." I said, "Yes, you can tell from my teeth?" He commented that he can tell I grew up with fluoride in the water. It really makes a differnce. Since he could tell that I had fluoride in my water growing up, it must make a difference. I'd consider buying Liam that bottled nursery water that has added fluoride.

Yvonne said...

Wish I had the healthy teeth thing!

I'm with you on the checking e-mail.

I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, in any position--except on an airplane!!!!

Suzanne said...

I am the exact same with #1 & #5! The funny thing, is that I didn't even go to the dentist that much growing up and we didn't have flouridated water. I just have really hard teeth. I've never had a cavity! :D

Gina, this was so fun! Thanks for sharing! :)

Kate Lowder said...

YAY! You're blogging on here again! I missed you.

There are some things on here that I didn't know about you. I think this meme was awesome.

I adore you!