They Like Me!

Okay, so like 2 months ago, 2 bloggy friends of mine, Suzanne and Stepherz, nominated me for the Thinking Blogger Award.

At the time, my wonderful mother in law was in town and I just didn't get the quality blogging time I needed to acknowledge the award and pass on the goodness to my favorite bloggers.

I know, lame.
I must not care enough.
What is wrong with me?

Well nothing was wrong with me. I had a few good blogs in mind, but I couldn't compose the greatest post in my head and retain it long enough to put into writing, so it never got published. The weeks flew by, the award expired and my dear friends probably thought I was a party pooper, thinking "why did I even nominate her?"... "she isn't GETTING the fact that you are supposed to pass on the bloggy love."

Then today, I was flattered once again with an award from "Tarrie." (Sorry I can't get the Awesome Blogger graphic to work for me.)

Thanks to all three of you, my bloggy mamas, for the extremely nice words you wrote about me. I was so humbled and grateful to you. It's good to know that a portion of my heart comes through my posts. I really have enjoyed getting to know all the new friends in the blogosphere and also my old friends that started blogging like crazy because of my great example (errrr, um, peer pressure from me in most cases).

Here are my Awesome Thinking Award picks:

KATIE! I have known Katie for 4 years. She was my first real neighbor. We had just closed on our house, taking photos in the front yard with the "sold" sign, and she scurried over with little Alli and a plate of the most delicious homemade brownies. I had no idea that she'd end up being a daily dose of wit, smarts and the best example of a devoted mother in my life. 3 years later she started blogging and I've loved reading her writing ever since.

EMMA! I found Emma while surfing other mom blogs when I first started out. Once I found her, I never let go. She is one funny writer! Sometimes I am not sure what she's made up and what's true. The bonus with Emma is that her darling Ella is the same age as Liam... so we email advice and tips back and forth to each other. She has been on a blog drought lately, but please add her to your bloglines or google reader and be ready for her next post. Even reading her archives will get you laughing.

STEPHANIE! I found her blog right when I started blogging too. There is something insightful and wonderful about her. Her blog has always made me feel like an old friend, just comfy. I like how clean she is and how organized and creative she is. I just like her, okay? I wish she wasn't feeling so lousy right now so I could hear more of what's in her cute little head! Get well soon, Stephanie! You are admired very much!

JESSICA! This woman has no shame! And for someone like me who likes to read about humor in every day things, (you know... smart thoughts, farts, $ex, toddlers and bodily functions) House of Joy always delivers! Always. I wish I could meet her and hire her as my personal entertainer. Like a jester of sorts. I think I would be snorting and choking on food most of the day if she was my employee. She is JUST that funny!

DAVID! Because he delivers what everyone wants in a blog. Humor in: Politics, current events, proud parenting, bird murders, etc. He's got it all. Plus, he has a really cute wife that I miss very much. (David you better get that job in Idaho, or I am gonna go out there and drag you back to be my next door neighbors again!) Go put David on your feed readers now... ready... set... GO!

There you have it. Note that this list needs to be 10 times longer. I have so many blogs that I visit almost daily. I love to read each of your blogs and learn more about you. This community has meant a lot to me as a new mom. I thank each of you for your encouragement, advice and good humor.

How cool is it that all my friends live in my computer?


Oh, The Joys said...

Wow! You flatterer, you! Thank you so much!

You can see mine here.


Katie said...

You're too sweet! Thanks, Gina!

Tori :) said...

YAY for awards!!

David said...

Wow! Thank you very much! That was too nice of you to say that!

Lei said...

Well deserved!

Love my computer friends, too!

Jessica said...

What great friends you have. It's amazing that from the word "blog" so many good relationships can be created!!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I will have to go run around and meet these fine blogger buddies!!
I am already aware of a couple...
yes, some fine choices missy!


Kayelyn said...

I so agree with your post about Katie. She is a very classy mom who has taught me much by example.

Dorky Dad said...

Congrats on being a thinking blogger! You deserve it!

Suzanne said...

Yay! Great post! I'm glad you did it. :D