Kiss Me Dirty Mud Run

This was the funnest time I've had when dealing with mud.  I think I made a great choice in spending my birthday morning doing something physical, dirty, and hilarious!  I had a few friends there joining in the fun.  I was so grateful to Ian taking the day off work and being my photographer.  Liam had a great time spending time with some good friends that we haven't seen in awhile... and then joined me in the fun at the very end!

Here are a couple shots of us before we hit the muddy fun!

Katie, Me, Da'Lynn, Beth!

 Thanks, Eli, for taking these shots of me and Haydee!  Gosh we are cute!
 Joyce is such a rock star athlete!

Thanks, Ezra, for taking these shots of me and Joyce!

 Adam Griffee caught this shot of me having a funny moment!

 Susana was our speedy team member!  She took this 5K seriously and ran the whole thing!

 Joyce was good at keeping up the pace!

 Gorgeous Haydee.

 GO HAYDEE!  Give that mud your mean face!

I loved how Heather didn't mind getting dirty and keeping me up to par.  She fell into the mud at one point as we were doing some hurdles and then made sure to send some splashes my way now and then to get me "fall-in-the-mud-dirty" too!  I loved being with her!  One of the funnest people I know!

 My precious Liam getting sudsy with me!

It was such a treat to see Katie and fam there all the way from Idaho!  Her team's retro costumes got recognition!  Loved their sassy look!

I will be participating next year!  Every year I am able... this will happen and it will be this much fun again!

(Note:  I got in the shower with all my clothes on when I got home. And wouldn't you know it when I dropped my shorts... gravel exploded everywhere! How did I drive all the way home with that much gravel in my pants without feeling it is beyond me!)


Preds Girl said...

It's my goal to get healthy so I can do fun stuff like this, so perhaps I'll join yall next year! So happy you had such a great birthday!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

LOVE THIS! I am doing a mud run this month so see this just got me all excited :)! haha