It's been awhile

It feels like everyone is neglecting their blogs these days. Sorry I seemed to have joined the crowd. I'll get my groove back soon I hope. I need to get off my butt in many respects. The wintertime and motherhood whoas have prevented me from making connections like I once did. Something I used to thrive on has lost it's luster... not good. I'll be back soon!


Saedi Oldham said...

I'm the worst blogger of all time! I keep telling myself that someday life won't be so crazy and I'll have time for it again, but don't hold your breath:)
Love you darlin!

Anissa said...

I hear ya. I feel guilty everyday when i look at my to do list that has had "update blog" on it for about 6 months. :(

Mary Zink said...

Who said you could post my painting on your blog lady? Mary Zink