Mr. and Mrs. Withers

I received some prints in the mail to give to Mr. Withers as he requested. I left a few minutes early from work to stop by the farm and hand them to him yesterday. He invited me in to sit down and meet his wife. He wanted me to show her the photos. I knelt down next to her and went through each photo. She was so tickled to have photos of her husband and especially loved the photo of his working hands. I had a nice visit with the two of them and learned their 62nd anniversary is coming up on June 22nd. I hope I can go back and maybe take a photo of them on their day. They said I was welcome back anytime.


Anissa said...

62 Years! Can you even image???

So special!

Mimi Black said...

Your page is really lovely, and you have real talent! I have enjoyed it tremendously~MimiB