Girl's Night Out

Dyonne emailed me quite a few weeks ago to tell me she would be in town for a work conference in February. I was so happy that she let me know. I about counted down the days until I got to see her. I think it's been 5 years since we last met up (and that was because of work stuff). Since neither one of us work for the same companies anymore, we have only been staying in touch via phone, email and Facebook. She is one with a bubbly and positive personality and is magnetic. This woman could make friends with just about anyone and make them feel like a million bucks! I've always loved her presence. I am positive that she can work miracles. She specializes in marketing and last year she helped me fancy up my resume and not a week later I had a job lined up!

Anyway, last night I picked her up at the Grand America Hotel and felt like a princess walking into that regal lobby. (My head spun with photography ideas and I was tempted to see what their fees were to set up photo shoots there.) The valets, reception and security people were all so doting as I waited for Dyonne to come down. One asked if they could get me a bottled water or some cookies. "Thank you, but that is okay. I am about ready to go to dinner."

Dyonne came down and we just immediately picked up where we left off. We chatted nonstop all night!

The concierge at the hotel had suggested we eat at Cucina Toscana and made reservations for us earlier that day. I was impressed before we even entered the restaurant. The valet showed us where to park and the space looked tight and he offered to park it for me. He was so happy and sweet with us as we thanked him.

We walked into the restaurant and people were wanting to take my coat and ensure we were comfortable at our table. We were given some beautiful crostini with a fresh tomato and basil tapenade. It was divine. So we thought that was the complimentary type of bread they serve... nope. A basket of sliced bread came next with a side of olive oil and caper dressing that was DIVINE! We ate it all while we waited for the main dish then the chef came out to talk to us. We asked him if he bottled this dressing so we could take some home! He was flattered because apparently his olive oil has taken him 35 years to master.

We never stopped talking about photography, books we've been reading, dentist credibility and of course we couldn't go without talking about Liam for a bit.

After our meal we went out to the car to find another car blocking the way. The other person waiting informed us that the valet was fitting some puzzle pieces together and it would just be a moment. He was from New York and was anxious to hear our reviews on our meals there. We told him he was in for a treat! We had to share that the caper olive oil was our favorite part and that he wouldn't stop eating bread during his visit there.

We got back to the hotel and took a couple photos in the lobby before saying our goodbyes. Dyonne invited me to come visit her in L.A. as there are many backdrops for photos there! She is quite the photographer herself so we'd have a grand time together with our cameras!

I'd love to take her up on that invitation one day!

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D said...

I second the invite to L.A.! :)

Yvonne said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time together. It's always wonderful to reconnect with friends.

Anissa said...

Sounds fantastic. I'm glad you had such a wonderful night out. Those are always the best.

Anonymous said...

Ah, This is great! Dispells
some contradictions I've read

Heidi said...

Dentist credibility? Anyway, glad you had a good time. You should ask Dyonne to look at my resume. Love you!