Feeling Good

So, my previous post was originally an email I sent out to all my friends to gain more votes for Brooke Snow's mentoring contest. I was surprised when one friend, Rebecca (Editor of The Provo Orem Word), replied to my email and asked if I could do her a favor. She wanted me to contact a local artist and take a portrait of him and his paintings. I was flattered and bit overwhelmed by the request, but since she asked, I wasn't going to say no.

The artist, Niki, was a very easy going gentleman. He welcomed me into his home and I started shooting his paintings. He was kind enough to take 2 of them out into the misty rain so I could shoot without a flash as well. He doted upon his work and would blot the paintings with a tissue to retain their integrity between shots. It was a good experience meeting him and I fully appreciated his talents as an artist.

I sent the album of photos to Rebecca last night. She replied with a "thank you" and also a request to send in a small bio and head shot of myself to add me to the contributors page of the magazine. Another intimidation since I certainly don't have a business or portfolio let alone a professional-sounding bio.

Sooo, I enlisted the help of my dear friend, Kate. She wrote the bio in no time flat! This is how it reads:

"Gina P____ has always loved photography. After several professional gigs in front of the camera, Gina took the camera hostage and has never given it back. Gina particularly loves biographical shoots and strives to help her subjects capture the many golden moments each life produces. Because of her easy-going and gentle disposition, Gina has been singularly invited to photograph events and life moments where photographers were originally not welcome. In her spare time, Gina enjoys camping with her exceedingly photogenic husband and son, journaling the ups and downs of parenthood, and sharing her contagious laugh."

Thank you, dear Kate. I love you very much for always being willing to help me out in a pinch and to make me feel like a million bucks while doing it!


--Hey said...

Yeah! I love it!!! Isn't it great to have awesome friends.. We can always do so much more together then by ourselves! Which reminds me.... we have some work to do! LOL!

Anissa said...

SO COOL! I just love hearing about all the windows and doors that are being opened for you in the photography world. You are gifted and truly blessed!

Yvonne said...

That is so wonderful. You are an amazing person and so deserving of these wonderful opportunities.

Angela S said...

Wow, just look at you go! I am so excited that this photography stuff is turning into a great opportunities! Gives me hope for the day I get myself in order and learn the in's and out's as well!