I want to cry

So I stayed home from work today thinking I had some kind of flu bug. My throat hurt, I had a fever, a queezy stomach and I was so so tired. I spent the day sleeping, laying around, taking pain medication and such. I fell asleep at 7:30 tonight, but woke at 9 because my throat hurts and throbs to bad!

I did some research. Yeah, I have strep. I have contagious nasty strep and I should have seen a doctor today. Now I have to call into work another day and get on some antibiotics. I hate that I wasn't more proactive so I could get well faster or at least be less contagious. I don't have the time to take off of work, and I've never had strep so I feel really stupid for thinking I had a flu bug. I am in pain and so frustrated right now. IB Profin please kick in to gear!


D said...

In my experience doctor's don't usually pay much attention to you if you come in within the first 24 hours of a bug anyway. They always tell me it's just a virus without even swabbing the throat. You can have those same symptoms with a virus so don't feel stupid. Make sure they take a swab tomorrow.

We love the Halls pectin drops for a sore throat- tastes much better than the eucalyptus stuff and soothes the throat. I think honey tea(meaning hot water and honey) or something like that is supposed to help too.

The good news with strep is that you will most likely feel a ton better within a few hours of taking the antibiotics. Much better than a cold that goes on for weeks. Here's hoping you have a good doc visit tomorrow and good meds to make you feel better fast!

NON-Superwoman said...

Hope you feel better real soon!

K said...

Hope you're feeling better soon (and that no one else at home comes down with strep!)

Dan said...

I am so so sorry! Strep is the WORST! I had never had it until last year, and oddly enough, I got it two times in a row. Get better soon!