Kara's Baby Shower August 1st

So I never posted about my friend Kara's baby shower. It was so much fun! She really knows how to entertain a group. We ate and mingled first, but then she got out the balloons and told us all to stuff our shirts. Ashley and I were stuffing our bras and our belly areas. We were all laughing our heads off as we tried to make the balloons poke out of our chests just right.

Anyway, after we measured and came very close to Kara's size, we did another game called spit the binky. We all got a fake pacifier and then measured how far each of us could spit it. Even the kids gave it a try. So funny. Ashley was the most entertaining as she got air as she jumped with all her might to spit that thing far.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy.


Yvonne said...

What a fun baby shower. I've never played the "spit the pacifier". That would be so fun.

Cute pictures.

RC - Rambling Along... said...

Love the games! Totally different than other games I've done!

Anissa said...

Your balloon stuffed body looks about how mine does currently. :) Very cute pics.