Doctoring Food

Last night I roasted 3 pumpkins from our garden. I scooped out all the goodness and put it in a gallon bag. I thought to myself, "I'm gonna make some pumpkin goodies over the weekend."

Then today Ian wanted to make some fresh salsa with all our peppers and tomatoes we've picked this past week. So he went and bought a full size food processor. I am so glad he did. We've had a tiny one-cup processor our whole marriage. This 6-cupper was a major upgrade. The salsa turned out beautifully... and oh so tasty.

Tonight Liam wanted Sponge Bob Mac and Cheese. He picked it out himself at the store last week. I am surprised he remembered we had it.

So he says he wants to go sit on the porch to eat and goes out there to wait like it's only going to take 30 seconds. I take him a fruit cup as an appetizer as he waits. Then I remember the pumpkin. I dropped that into the food processor and watched it turn into glorious cream.

After 12 minutes the mac was ready to drain. I doctored the cheese death as I usually do (with a dollop of sour cream and a dash or Italian seasoning) then added a generous portion of pumpkin cream.

Liam loved it. He cleaned his bowl. I loved it too. No hint of pumpkin, but lots of added vitamins to an otherwise not-so-nutritious dish.

Now I am thinking about what I can hide cauliflower and broccoli in. Thank you, dear food processor!


Yvonne said...

Oh, mom, you are VERY CLEVER. Way to go.

Food processors are great.

Klin said...

Sounds yummy! How did it taste?

I love my food processor, too.

K said...

Very smart!

Robin said...

Someone gave me a book called Deceptively Delicious that is all about doing that exact thing. You are awesome. I need to get me one of those processors now.

D said...

Sweet! My sis just gave me deceptively delicious. I am excited to try it out. :) I need to get some good use out of my food processor that we got for our wedding. I am intimidated by it! I think I will love it once I start using it though.

Anissa said...

I need to get back into using ours for things like that. I use it all the time for Austin's baby food, but need to branch out. Maybe I'll get that Deceptively Delicious book everyone is talking about.

Preds Girl said...

That is awesome!! You're such a smart cookie!