Kate's Wedding - Day 2 and 3

Sunday was a great day with a lot of one-on-one time with the Bride! I felt like since there were so many people involved with the wedding set up the day before and everyone grabbing Kate's attention... that on Sunday it was like spending time with a celebrity. That is the only way I can explain the honored feeling I had that day as we ran around town doing more wedding preparations.

This is how hot Kate was that Sunday... I am jealous of her non-make-up face! What a natural beauty she is!

The wedding walk-through was that evening followed by a rained out BBQ/Game Night at a nearby park. We visited with friends and ate great burgers and hot dogs. It was a fun evening of laughing and staying up late going down the list of details that needed to be done the following day.

Cute Laren and Megan!

Jay (the best man) cracked me up as he did this without Linds or Em none the wiser!

Monday morning we were all up just a few hours after we had fallen asleep. We were groggy workers - that didn't matter - we all continued to enjoy this time helping Brandon and Kate! Working doesn't feel like working, either, when you are with a great group of people. I can't get over the support group this couple has! His parents are just amazing! I fell in love with them.

Here is Debbie, Brandon's mom, doing more of the amazing behind-the-scenes work. She had to prune a tree so the band would fit in the backyard. What a woman!

Emily, me & Heather between the ceremony and the party.

At 3pm we all started doing our hair and the stylists she hired put eyelashes on all of us! It was so fun! We'd each trade off primping to go run and get other stuff done for the ceremony soon approaching. At 5:30pm the photographers and videographer arrived. It was crunch time. Seconds before we made a line outside, I was buffing Kate's nails to get them all shiny for her big evening!

There was much dancing to a live band, chatting, laughing, picture taking, refilling the treat tables and much more! I had such an unforgettable evening with friends.

Sweet Memory Garden


Yvonne said...

Looks like everything was beautiful. She looks so incredibly happy--I'm so glad.

Robin said...

Gina, you are gorgeous and I miss you. We are talking about Sep. I hope we will be there with you.

Anissa said...

you look so stylish in these photos! and I love the shoes. What a cute idea.

--Hey said...

I haven't seen most of these pictures. They are great. And yeah you WERE hot!!! Miss you!!!

Preds Girl said...

Hey...where did you get these photos??? I totally wanna see all of them!

Emma said...

you look so awesome and the wedding was so pretty!!!