Saturday - Set up, Rehearsal Dinner & Bachelorlette Party

I showed up for wedding set ups at 1pm on Saturday and hugged Kate on my arrival. I was so excited to be spending the weekend with her! What a treat to be a part of all the wedding activities and spend time with so many great friends! Kate has introduced me to a lot of her friends over the years and it's always a treat to see a few of them at a time, but this weekend was full of fun people that I loved being around!

After a dry run of some of the wedding set up, we all met at Buca di Beppo for the rehearsal dinner. Kate had seat assignments set up and I got to sit between the best man, Jay, and an Indiana friend, Heather and her hubby Nathan. We were the loudest people at the table! We were laughing so hard and talking non-stop. Between Heather and I hogging all the garlic bread, Jay was interviewing us like crazy. He was very into the whole name-tag-and-three-topics that Kate gave to each of us. We enjoyed his stories about his fiance and how they met. He was so excited to get married in only 13 days!

Heather and Me

I had borrowed my brother-in-law Tyler's camera for the weekend, so I took LOTS of photos of everyone and everything. Here is a pretty one of Kate the Bride at Buca.

After Buca's most delicious spread of Italian good eats, we girls made our way to Fat Cats for the Bachelorette party! Heather and I rode together because we had to stop off at Wal-Mart quickly to get her some socks for bowling. I got a pair too so we could match!


Emily, Me & Kate

Tressa, Laren, Kim & Angie

Emily, Kate & Lindsay picking out the perfect song for dancing

After much bowling, laughing, skee-balling, laughing, talking smack, taking photos and cashing in all the tickets we won for Kate (1300 or so), we headed back to wedding headquarters for parfait shots and more chatting and laughing. It was a fabulous night with the girls!

Oh and I can't forget that I gave Kate her wedding gift that night. A vintage family songbook that I found at a flea market in Idaho while with my other Kate. Since Kate and Brandon are both singers, I figured they would put it to good use. Plus she loves vintage books! She sang a couple songs for me before we went off to dreamland. It was beautiful!

P.S. You'll have to hop over to Lindsay's post about the wedding weekend. She is so darling!


Robin said...

YOu look so great in every single picture. I want to squeeze you.

Anissa said...

A weekend with girls and wedding funness sounds like heaven. I'm so glad you had fun. You deserved the time off!

Suzanne said...

Parfait shots!?! I LOVE it! :) It looks like you guys all had so much fun! Aren't weddings a great time to celebrate?