Long time no post

I've been a bad blogger on this one. I want to keep it positive here, but it's so hard to avoid complaining and venting on here. I have been so fed up with my almost-3-year-old that I want to scream... and I do. It's really sad how much I am yelling lately. The boy can't hear simple instruction of any kind. But he can sure hear the birds outside and the cats knocking stuff over in the other room.

So besides being busy with keeping his blog up to date and trying to stay positive on there, I am feeling really occupied with home projects, keeping the house clean, researching Seattle area living and my desk job. Ugh. So much to do and my book club book was due for a review two weeks ago! I just can't sit down and finish it. I get to bed so late, read for a few minutes then my eyes get so heavy, I can't go on.

So if you have any advice for not losing my head over Liam's antics, please let me know. I should probably just go get my Prozac refill, but that entails visiting the doctor, a co-pay for that and then the trip to the pharmacy and the co-pay on that. Ugh again.

But isn't my child so darling? Why can't I be more patient with him disobeying and ignoring me?


RC said...

Maybe we should trade sons for a little bit - they might listen to a different mom better.

I feel you pain, and my "baby" is half the age of your "baby." I'm scared that means I'm in for a wild ride.

Don't worry about always being positive. Sometimes it just isn't possible!

Just take care of you - he's listening, and it will get better. Honest.

Robin said...

I am sorry you are feeling this way. And I can totally empathize, but probably am not the best one to give advise. I have always struggled with resorting to yelling and I always hate myself for it. I try to tell myself that in the long run these things don't matter and if I can just relax for a second and try to handle it more lovingly my relationship with my kids will be better, but sometimes my temper just wins out. I love you and wish that we could struggle together!

Anissa said...

I'm starting to struggle with the same. These kids know how to push our buttons so easily!!! It's driving me nuts too. They can be angels for one minute and then monsters the next 60 minutes. Not enough angel to keep me sane, thanks. HANG IN THERE, you're not the only Mom with these struggles. sometimes it's just nice to know you're not alone.

K said...

First off, I hope that you have somewhere to "vent and whine" where you don't feel like you always have to be Happy Valley Super Mom. (I hope that doesnt' come off as condescending or rude---I do think it's important to focus on the positive, but sometimes a little vent can release enough steam to make things manageable again.)

Two was really hard with my boys. They have so much physical ability without the mental ability they need to know that just because they can doesn't mean they should. Three was better, and four is like a whole new kid.

Will your doctor do a phone refill?

Suzanne said...

I know how frustrating it is to have toddlers that go through what you're describing. Just hang on, Gina! I know that probably sounds trite, but these phases to pass...eventually. ***hugs*** Maybe you need some girly time! Just let me know! :)

Yvonne said...

I had a very wise friend tell me one time, there is a great deal to learn from the phrase, "And it came to pass". Notice it didn't say--and it came to stay.

You are a great mom. There are days that are just next to impossible, but let those go and focus on the ones that are better.

Yes, he is a cutie.

Tori :) said...

I yelled at Tristan yesterday for eating a whole jar of pickles. After I yelled I was like 'Did I seriously just yell over pickles??"

Hang in there.

Terry said...

Gina, I understand your frustration! I know you are a great Mom. You go out of your way to do fun things with Liam and make him happy. You make sure he eats veggies and you teach him a lot. I know it will get better.

Danell said...

I wish I had the answers... It's so hard not to lose our cool when we find ourselves constantly repeating what we've said 100 times. I'm trying to make it a goal this week to not yell at Emma. Still discipline her but just not yell. I want to know if I see any changes after that. I'll let you know how it goes.

Daisy said...

Sorry. I hate the snotty 3 year old stage (or almost 3). It is worse then the terrible two's. I spend most of my day yelling and it makes me sad as well. Kids just have to test us. It's just something they do and if we give in they continue to push us more and more especially at these years it seems. They look for us to give one millimeter and then they take a whole yard it seems.

Luke still is pretty managable but Cameryn is a monster. She can be so nice sometimes and then flick a switch and she's hell on two legs. I spent an hour today arguing with her to apologize and I wanted to give in so bad just to stop the yelling and crying but I knew if I did that it would just make things worse in the long run. I've been making her spend lots of time in her room cuz I just don't want to hear her fits anymore. I let her scream it out and I check on her every few minutes to ask her if she is ready to get out. It helps actually but I'm not sure if Liam is old enough that he would actually stay there or if his fits are even anywhere near Cameryn's. But if he is throwing fits and screaming and stuff, I read in a book (and it does help) that you should give them a place to scream it out. That's why I send Cameryn to her room- more like drag her up there actually but it helps me not have to HEAR the screaming at full blast. I have tried ignoring her but she follows me around and throws the temper tantrum that way or she gets into it with Luke and makes things worse.

Anyways, there are no sure fire ways unfortunately but I read most of this book that helped me a lot called Parent Power by John Rosemond. He has a lot of really sensible ideas for dealing with kids and making them more responsible in the long run. Good Luck and feel free to rant any time. I know I do and I feel guilty too since right now I'm usually ranting about Cameryn, poor girl.

Preds Girl said...

Ugh is right...that would soooo frustrating...I can't even imagine bc I don't have kiddos, but I am sure you aren't alone in feeling so exasperated! ;-) I'm sorry things are so stressful. :-)

Did I miss something...Seattle living...???

Alice Wills Gold said...

Take this as a total gesture of love...go and get the Prozac. It will make all the difference. I KNOW that I could not personally parent with even a little semblance of positivity without my meds.

Kids pick up on our bad attitude and it is a cycle.

Besides that...yeah for the blog post. I have been wondering if you would ever post again.

And, I am so glad that you chose to vent to all of us. That's what we are here for. Blogging friends are the best that way.

Lastly, just hang in there. The stress will pass. And remember that Liam is getting older every day and before you know it he won't want to give you goodnight kisses any more. boo hoo.

Teri said...


I promise it will get easier. "They" talk about the terrible twos, but the reality is the three's are a dirty little secret.

Soon he'll be able to communicate things other than his wants and dislikes and he'll do anything you ask him to do with a smile and a hug. (Or at the worst, only a little grumble.)

PS - I lived in the Seattle area for 13 years :)