So right on

How clever is this?

I can't believe I never thought of it... oh wait, I have a toddler that gets all the attention, so I am set.


Suzanne said...

That IS funny! I knew I was dragging my kids to the pool with me for a reason! :)

RC said...

I love Cathy and miss reading that comic strip! So perfect - and true! I feel a lot better about myself now that Little Dude is my "accessory." ;-)

Preds Girl said...

LOL!! That is hilarious!! I shall make one for my trip to Mexico next weekend. LOL.

Terry said...

I loved that! Made me laugh!

Alice Wills Gold said... don't even have to worry about skinny minny.

Just noticed that you are reading Kite out, it depressed the crap out of me.