For the Hubby

Ian is still going strong with his diet. I am so proud of him with giving up the soda and bad carbs. SO proud of him!

I put together his father's day card from Liam today. How cute is this?

The caption says:
"Trust is the currency of childhood, love the inheritance a father saves for his son."

Kate found that for me. It's so perfect.

The inside of the card has some big thank yous from Liam for all that Daddy does especially for him. I can't wait for Ian to see it next week!


RC said...

Congrats to the Hubby and great job on the beautiful card!

Tori :) said...

Beautiful card Gina!

Suzanne said...

Your card is neat! I'm sure Ian will love it! :)

Ashley said...

Whst a great card. I am sure Ian will love it!

Terry said...

What a beautiful card!