Happy Valentine's Day

I am one lucky girl!

I woke up and came downstairs to find a fancy box of chocolates and a very sweet card on the table for me. He also bought us tickets to an awesome A Capella concert for Saturday evening. We are so excited to go! Ian's brother, Drew, is going to watch Liam for us. Yay!!!!

I have been doing little Valentiny things for Ian the past week or so. Treats and sentiments for him to find before or after work each day. All I have for him today is a card that was just right! I love it when I find cards that explain our relationship so well!

Last year I made this and I still feel the same love, if not more, for him here a year later. (Thanks again, Tori, for helping me scan in all those photos!)

Thank you, Ian, for being my friend, lover and sexy statue around the house.


hillsmithfamily said...

Aww... How sweet and cute! What a fun look back and what a creative gift!

I'm jealous of your tickets, but only a little, as I'm enjoying my flowers and know he and Little Dude will have surprises for me at home when I get there.

Happy <3 Day, Gina!

Yvonne said...

O.K. Now that I'm sitting here crying--that gift you made Ian last year was WONDERFUL. You have some amazing pictures--and you are absolutely beautiful.

I hope you have a wonderful day on Saturday.

Happy Valentine's Day, Gina.

D said...

How wonderful! He even found a babysitter for you too! Matt won't surprise me with a date night 'cause he doesn't know how to find a sitter. Even though we always have my cousin watch him- it's not like it's that hard. :) Anyway we will hopefully get a date in this weekend as long as my cousin's family is all better. At least we will get a three day weekend! :) I think that's the best valentine's present this year.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Your little video made me cry!!! So sweet. I am glad that you are still crazy about your man.

The goddess said...

I love surprising my hubby with little gifts too.

I didn't realize you both had been together so long. That is so awesome!!!!

I love the video, that's such a cool tribute and I LOVE the black and white pic of you and Liam when he was a baby. It is SUCH a beautiful picture.

I hope you guys enjoy your night out tommorrow. happy weekend.

Robin said...

I've decided that although Valentine's Day may be some made up holiday to sell cards, that it is always a nice reminder of the love I have for the hubs.
Love you Gina!

Nettie said...

What a romantic hubby to plan such a fun date for you! I'm glad your Valentine's day was so great!