The cat is back

Soooo, the new home we were going to send Orion to last Saturday backed out on the deal. They didn't think their dog would do well with a litter box in the house. I guess buying a covered litter box would be too much trouble... who knows. And who knows how big their dog is.

We were miffed, peeved, pissed, you name it about not being rid of our problem cat. So we reposted the ad. No calls, just emails from various folks who wanted to hand out advice and not take the cat off our hands. Even a local breeder was asking me questions about what all we've tried and I of course felt like I had to explain myself. I was so mad at that. I just wanted to get rid of my cat, not further advice on how to spend more time and money on this animal.

I sent a final email to the breeder we had indirectly gotten Orion from. She said that we committed to take care of him to the end. She had the guts to tell us that WE should be the ones putting him down, not pawning him off and having him die alone in a shelter. That would be where he'd end up, because other caretakers would get just as frustrated as we are. I realized she was right and Ian did too.

My emotions have calmed down since Monday. We decided to take the words of advice from various sources and see Orion through to the end. We are going to try a 40 day regimen of his meds and then if he is still suffering, we'll put him down ourselves. It makes sense to NOT send an unhealthy animal to another home. We have changed his diet from Purina Urinary to a regular Max Cat Nutro diet. He is such a happy camper with the meds and the tastier diet. He isn't stealing our food, having accidents and is crying much much less. All these results in less than a week's time has stunned us. We are so excited to be on a better path in serving Orion and his needs. All we needed was the right combination of methods and we seem to have cured his problems and ours.

I know you non-cat lovers don't understand our perseverance in this matter. But the fact is simple, we do care about Orion. He's been a part of our family for 3 years. The thought of putting him down has brought me to tears, honestly. I've put 2 cats down before, it's not an easy thing to witness or choose to do. Since I've been there before, I guess it haunts me more than it would otherwise. Orion has lucked out because of this. I hope he can be cured with this 40 day idea another cat lover informed us on. I will surely be reporting on it.


hillsmithfamily said...

Since I adore my darling little Supercat, I understand where you are coming from.

I'm hoping all goes well with the diet and you have smoother sailing from here out.

Take care!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I am so happy for the progress...that is such a tough boat to be in...I hope it works out...I wouldn't want to put him down either....But, remember this, in case you do have to put him down, I honestly wish someone could put me down when I get old miserable, crazy, crying all the time, doing no good, my mind is gone and I pee all over myself all the time...God has a great place for animals like that...really, if he can't be cured, he may be better off. It's the cycle of life.

Kate said...

I am so glad to hear you have found a good solution. I am praying that Orion has health and strength. It is distressing to put an animal down and I am so glad you have a bit of a reprieve from that.
*HUGS and prayers for you*!!!!

Tori :) said...

You are such a loving owner!! Good luck Gina!