The cat - AHHH

I made a batch of cookies and found my pest of a cat eating the dough in between batches. I screamed at him and said very loudly that he was done, finished, gone. He's been urinating all over our house for 3 years and begging for food like an actual person, reaching and grabbing things while we cook, he gets on the counter as if it were a buffet for him (when we walk away from food), etc.

He came to us from the breeder with a UTI when he was 10 weeks old. He's had this chronic UTI ever since. Medication will clear him for 2 weeks time and then we have to go back to the vet for more. A bill we are not willing to pay for every month. So we changed his diet hoping for the best. Tried a few other things like letting a very expensive cat roam the neighborhood, etc. He is not better. Even more property is being ruined as he comes back in the house to do his business in the hamper, open containers, piles of junk and sometimes just right on the floor (because he is in obvious pain and can't hold it). He will use the toilet, but only sometimes when we actually notice he needs to go (as we cannot leave the toilet free and open for him).

So I've called a local bengal breeder and she doesn't want him as a playmate for her other cats. (He is overly wild, that is another problem as he cries when he is bored and brings in wild animals through the cat door.) If he can't breed then he really is no use to her. She said to give her a call if we come to the decision to put him down. She would rather take him and give it a go before we kill him. Um, lady, that is what I called you! We don't have the heart to send him to a shelter and have him put down when he doesn't get adopted within a week. And if he does get adopted, they will tire of his chronic problems too! That is how it will go. And sentencing him to life outdoors here in our neighborhood, well, it's a bitter winter and we don't have the heart for that either. Plus he just cries relentlessly at the front door.

So last night he was sentenced outdoors and was crying his eyes out for a couple hours.

We hate the smell of cat pee! We've thrown away some expensive items because of pee! We have been dealing with it for so long that we get nervous that we actually smell it on our clothes. Some perfumes will remind us of it and nothing will be amiss, but we are so paranoid that our stuff got urinated on. It's disgusting and oh so annoying!


Daisy said...

Wow. Now, you know that my family, we love our cats too but how have you put up with the peeing, etc of your cat!?! You are a much more patient, brave woman than me. We had a cat like that for a few months and she didn't even ruin anything that nice with nasty cat pee and we sent her back to the shelter. I do LOVE cats but it sounds like you have had enough. It isn't a fun thing to do and it's not the option you want but in my opinion, enough is enough.

Hope I don't sound too mean and heartless about you cat situation.

Tori :) said...

Cats bug me anyway, so if mine was peeing all over... Eew. Drop her off outside a vet. Seriously. They won't have her put down.

hillsmithfamily said...

I'm just happy you let me know where you had gone to!

I understand the frustration on the cat - we got lucky in that Supercat was a fairly easy fix and things did settle down for him. Hope you are able to find a better home for him!

alice wills gold said...

Funny that we both posted about cats post is much happier than yours though...does that surprise you given your mood?

We do have a good cat that never pees, and we still are paranoid about the smell of cat pee in our house.

I don't know what I would do given your situation...I probably would put the cat out of his misery, when he is resurrected in the cat world, he won't have the UTI problem anymore.

I will NEVER own a boy cat, they are notorious for peeing all over everything...we have a stray cat in our neighborhood that marks our porch at least once a week.

You have had him neutered/spayed (can't remember which is which) haven't you...supposedly that helps a lot.

Good luck. Thanks for making me appreciate my angel of a cat more:)

angel baby said...

I realize we don't have winters like you, but our cats stay outside all the time. After having Annabelle I didn't want animals in the house. And I'm so much happier - no clean up jobs, no smelly food, no hair, and no having to move the cat over just to sit down.