I got an award...

Kayelyn bestowed upon me "Wonder Woman" award. How did you know I owned a Wonder Woman swimsuit [as a tike]?

Just kidding... yeah I had that swim suit, but the award was passed on because someone thinks I'm pretty special... and "wonder"ful... and I appreciate it. Thank you, Kayelyn.

The past couple weeks I have been thinking about all the moms around the globe and ALL. THEY. DO. You all amaze me. You do! I have one child, folks. One! Why is my life so hard on me sometimes? I feel like I have SUCH the load some days where a combination of things come at me all at once and I FREAK out! Meltdowns. It ain't pretty. Why? It can't be THAT bad! I mean really...

Why can't I deflect my anxiety-filled moments with my purple eye bags like Wonder Woman can deflect bullets with her gold arm bands? Where is my invisible plane to take me away from the mommy-meltdown-worthy moments?

So, yeah, there are moments like that, but then again there are MANY more moments where I feel like a wonder of a woman.

Like when I make it through the night with interrupted sleep, smile at my baby when he wakes me up, take a.m. calls/assignments from my boss while my child hands me crayons and pulls the cat's tail, and in 20 minutes: I pack lunches, pack the diaper bag, entertain/diaper/dress baby, shower, get pretty, iron pants, remembering to pack car with laptop, purse, diaper bag, baby [his shoes in tact] and that main dish for the potluck at work AND sometimes prepping/putting the crock pot on low for a hearty meal 5 hours later.

Mornings like that make me feel like an amazing mommy, wife and employee.

Then I come home from work after picking up the kiddo, make dinner, do dishes, laundry, entertain/bathe/diaper/pajama baby, pick up the house, then veg on the couch with the hubby or the laptop and feel fulfilled in my calling as woman.

I guess we have to suffer now and then with just the right combination of goodness that overwhelms us instead of making us feel that "fulfilled" feeling like it normally would. What can I say, I am flawed and mysterious even to myself. That is what makes we women beautiful and complex creatures. How can you not love a wonder woman? {Hubby probably asks himself the same thing daily... LOL}

I'd like to honor some other women who I think are "wonder"ful, complex, but certainly not flawed. These are good friends who have rescued me many times physically and mentally... and if they were my next door neighbors, I would never feel like my head was going to pop off!

A few of my heros:



Adventures In Babywearing said...

Aw, I think you're wonderful, too! Any Mom has a bit of WonderWoman in her! And, I had the underoos!


Kayelyn said...

This was a beautiful write up. I didn't work full time when I had little ones at home. I don't think I could have done the job you do daily if I had.

You are a Wonder Woman in my eyes. You honored two of the women I wanted to, but you know I can't have all the fun. Thanks for thinking of them, too.


Tori :) said...

What a super post Gina. And thanks so much.
Every mom feels overwhelmed at some point. I was in the 3 week rut just a couple of weeks ago. You're a great mom and I'm constantly in awe of all you do.

Suzanne said...

Purple eye bags! Gina, you're cracking me up! You truly deserve this award and I admire you very much! :)

D said...

yay for celebrating your "wonder"fulness! You are truly amazing and an inspiration to all those around you. You are an amazingly loyal friend on top of all that hard work you do. Never forget you are amazing!

Anissa said...

You are too kind. I don't deserve such an award! I feel flawed every single day and am very aware of my short comings, but I could relate to what you said about having wonder woman skills. We are given special abilities when it comes to raising children, I truly believe that. How else could we accomplish what we do in a day and still keep some shred of sanity and sense of "self"? You are a wonder woman and a super woman all at the same time and I thank you for your friendship and for helping ME get through tough times. I'm definitely far from a hero, but thank you for the high compliment.

Yvonne said...

Gina, that was great!!!! I look at all of you moms out there with little ones and I get exhausted thinking of all you do. You are amazing--a true wonder woman.
Definitely deserving of that award!!!

A Little Revolution said...

Congrats! That was a good show back in the day.

Yvonne said...

I have an award for you, my little blogging friend!!!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

That was a wonderful post girl...

and you are just as normal as the rest of us... I'm sure we can all relate!!!

Well, soon we will be closer to each other.. we're almost neighbors!! I can't wait.

Hugs to you!!!

You're such a good mom and Liam is a very lucky young lad.
(Oh, the hubby is very fortunate as well!!)

Emily said...

I wish I had a wonderwoman swimsuit now. Any idea where I could score one?