Blog Happiness

Boy, that last post got a lot of traffic... a lot for me anyway. I was delighted that all the comments I received were positive ones. Every time I would go check my email for comments, I would get all nervous as I opened each one... I really thought folks might get offended. I guess the ones that were offended didn't leave comments (you know, followed my rules).

I do hope most everyone realizes that these are my observations, nothing more. I know we all have different styles and deliberate ways of doing things. I mentioned in the comments that we all have our preferences... some of us like political blogs, some of us avoid those like the plague and some of us don't mind using a little profanity, some of us steer clear of it. The options go on for miles. Choices, it's what it's all about. It's what makes blogging such an addiction!

I personally have quite a range of blogs that I visit... not all mommy blogs. I am particularly attracted to gross humor even though I don't offer it on my own blog. I love those bloggers that are basically in hiding... nobody that they know in real life is aware of their blog. After reading a few like that, I thought, "DANG, why didn't I think of that?" It makes it so they have a lot more freedom to say what they want, be anonymous, be whomever they want to be with no shame.

I've also noticed that blogging is a great exercise for aspiring writers. There are quite a few people preparing to be published and it's so exciting for we bloggers to witness their growth as they move into the world of fame and printed paper!

Anyway, it's been a fun time surfing this mighty bloggy world. It's such a wealth of information and support.

Thanks, All, for the positive feedback on my previous post. It means so much!


Suzanne said...

I am attracted to the gross humor blogs too! LOL! There is just that little naughty part of me that wants to get out once in awhile! :D

There are so many clever writers that I've come across while Blogging. I think some could be authors if they aspired to it!

Terry said...

Yep, I would like to have a blog where I can be whoever I want because no one I know reads it. You know I tried that sort-of and gave it up. :)

David said...

I do refrain from posting certain items because of people I know who could potentially be reading my blog. Not that I want to talk about them or anything...I just want to talk about people or situations they know about, but feel it would be inappropriate.