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Soooo, today was the big day! Utah Blog-fest 2007!

I have been anticipating this event for some time and I am elated it held up to my hopes and daydreams! Thank you, Tori and Suzanne for the successful, relaxing, yummy, entertaining get-to-gether! The food was scrumptious and plentiful and the company was high quality!

I LOVED chatting with everyone and getting to know a few bloggers that I wasn't already super familiar with. Each one of you are so wonderful and unique. I look forward to following Mel's, Lisa's and Amanda's lives much closer.

I got to meet my great friend, Robin's sister, Emily, for the first time! I was so excited when I found out she moved to Utah. Golly, they have a great set up in a cabin out in the mountains. It was the perfect setting for a group of women to chat and breathe in some fresh clean air! Thank you for hosting, Emily!

The time flew so fast while we were together... I literally lost track of time. That is a sure sign one is having fun! I hope we can pull something like this off again soon, because I felt robbed when I had to say good-bye. You all ROCK!

P.S. Thanks for the awards! You can go to Tori's blog for more details on the awards. I thought Mel & Lisa should have gotten the most thought-provoking blog. They are both strong and amazing women. I look forward to reading more!


Amanda said...

Hi Gina! It was so fun to meet you today. I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you better.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

How awesome! I love blogger meet ups!!


Tori :) said...

I think Mel actually got the Most Thought Provoking... But Lisa was right up there with her.
You write so much better than me! I love your description of Blog Fest. The time DID go so so fast. I couldn't believe it. If I had known it would go so smoothly I would have planned for more time!
Good seeing you Gina.

Suzanne said...

I had a great time, Gina! We should definitely do it again! :D

Lisa M. said...

I enjoyed meeting everyone! It was great and now I feel like I have more blogs to read, and archives to haunt.

I've chosen to not write about blogfest on my blog, but it has been GREAT to visit everyone else's and see the pictures.

Gina- I wanted to visit more with you, and hope we can chat again some. I'd love to know what you do for work, ect.

Maybe your archives will delve into things, but conversations are fun too!

Thanks for saying we're strong and amazing. HOW kind is that?

See you soon, I hope!

Terry said...

Gina, you look like you're relaxing and having a blast! You Utes are so fun!!! (Sorry, Tori... I know you are not a Ute, You're an awesome Texan!). I miss Utah. David and I only dream of Blog Parties!

Tori :) said...

Terry- Thanks for the clarification. I have a reputation to uphold. haha

Adventures In Babywearing said...

P.S. Thank you for wishing my Mom a happy birthday today!!