8 things meme

Tarrie and David tagged me for this little meme. Tarrie is not narcissistic like she says. Even if she is a tiny bit, I am more so than she is.

The Rules: Players start with 8 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts. Players should tag a few other people and notify them they have been tagged.

1. I can remember birthdays and phone numbers very easily. I don't know why, I just know I can. I still remember some of my friends' numbers from high school.

2. I have to mirror Tarrie's #2 here... "Half of the time I envy people who "LOVE to exercise." The other half of the time I don't believe them. I mean, I know that you feel good after you exercise and your dopamine levels go up or whatever and thats nice. But who really LOVES to run? I just don't get it."

3. (...And with #2 being said) I hate being wet. And as a result of this, I hate doing dishes, sweating, washing the car or getting caught in the rain. The only reason I can tolerate showering is because it's hot and soothing in the process. Getting out of the shower is another story. Same with swimming... refreshing in the process, but getting out is the pits.

4. I don't enjoy watching a movie more than once. Maybe years later could watch it again. I have found that , like Tommy Boy, I can watch Hitch over and over and not be bothered by it though... it's just that good, in my opinion.

5. I think new-age scrapbooking is, um, a waste of time. I mean the frilly, one-picture-per-page kind of scrapbooking. The kind of scrapbooking that cost way too much money and way too much of your time. Since I found blogging, I think scrapbooking is for the birds. I will have Liam's blog posts published later and each book will be a one year period. I think my son will value my words much more than decals, stickers and special striped or polka-dotted paper. (Those of you with girls, keep scrapbooking... I am SURE they will appreciate it!)

6. Daytime television makes me ill (except for Ellen of course). If I have a day off, I hate to turn the television on in the day time. Saturdays and Sundays are okay... it's the daily soap operas, game shows, court shows and talk shows that make me feel yuck when I hear or see them.

7. I have what I describe as Audio claustrophobia. I can't handle more than 1 or 2 sounds at one time. When I am home alone and watching TV, I mute it on commercials. If I am home alone, I rarely turn on the TV or radio as silence is my sound of choice. I rarely have music going in the car either. I found I couldn't think straight when we had friends over with their 2 year old chattering, us conversing and me trying to get my crying baby latched on to feed. I had to leave the room to feed him.

8. Liam is my one and only offspring and that is still the long-term plan. If I could have more kids, I would want all boys.

I tag a few old friends that just started blogs... we all need to get to know Daisy (a childhood friend) Jessica (Daisy's sister and good friend) and Michelle (my former manager).


David said...

#8' girls are really fun, you should reconsider!

David said...

BTW Tarrie is not the only one who tagged you!

Tori :) said...

I'm soooo with you on #5!!! And I'm the same way with #1. 8th grade boyfriend- Nov. 21. 9th grade boyfriend(s): Dec. 4, Dec. 16. Ex-husband's ex-girlfriend- Nov. 29...

Mike M said...

Great post!

Great blog!

I will be back!!


David said...

Thanks for the revision!

Tarrie said...

I'm flattered you mirrored me! Thanks. I got my idea about not being able to watch a movie more than once from your 100 things list.

I know the yuck feeling you're talking about when you get stuck in the rain, or come out of the pool. The worst is putting an already wet swimming suit back on.

Blogging is easier than scrapbooking.

Its interesting that you want all boys. I am glad there are people like you because I would kind of like all girls, not that it really matters what I want, I can't will the gender of my baby. If there is a next one, and its a boy, it'll be alright but I'd be just as thrilled to have a third girl.